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Fancy dog Series 2

2009-07-04 04:59:33 by charly-goose-knob

Fancy Dog series 2 is starting off with a bang by scoring 3.53 currently.

Cant wait to see how this year pans out.

Fancy Dogs Future

2008-10-22 03:50:04 by charly-goose-knob

More Fancy Dog episodes are on the way and not only are they back but they will have more effort so look forward to the great second series.

Name Change

2008-10-04 00:19:42 by charly-goose-knob

Im getting a name change from charly-goose-knob to BluePukeko

And btw watch Fancy Dog! hes awesome!

Co-Fancy Dog Creator

2008-10-01 22:16:06 by charly-goose-knob

Fancy Dog is just awesome and i will be in every Fancy Dog movie i can.